• Aris Knitter

    Think Big Be Great

    Aris has been involved with the Chamber on various levels over the years but really dove in when she became a realtor in 2013. “I participate in the Wake Up West Coast Breakfasts as an attendee and a volunteer and in addition to being an Ambassador, I am the former Chair for the Ambassador Committee,” she shared.

    “I am a member of one of the Connect Groups and am currently serving as chair for my group and on the Leadership Committee for the Connect groups.” Aris is another West Coast Leadership grad and recently started participating in the new affinity group for leadership class alumni. “I’m looking forward to the work of this group!” she said.

    In addition to her desire to invest more time into her community, Aris became an Ambassador to become more connected, network and develop relationships to help grow her business. “I have met so many great people and built some wonderful relationships,” she said. “We help to promote and support each other.”

    Aris is grateful to be part of a group that brings people and businesses together. “The Ambassador program serves the business community by bringing awareness about new and existing programs, marketing opportunities and new businesses to those that may be a good connection,” something Aris has experienced firsthand. “Becoming an Ambassador has helped me to grow my network in ways I couldn’t have done otherwise.”

    Aris received the Think Big Be Great award for her work as an Ambassador. “I am honored to have won an award that was voted on by my Ambassador peers; it means a lot to me,” she shared. “It means the conversations I had are meaningful. It means showing up makes a difference."