• Kevin O'Keefe

    Deliver Remarkable Experiences

    If there were an award for years of Chamber membership, Kevin O’Keefe would surely be in the running. A member for 21 years, Kevin has served as Ambassador Committee Chair, Golf Committee Chair and Leads Group Chair to name a few. Throughout the years he has grown his business through getting to know Chamber members. “I have built many relationships,” he said.

    Kevin became an Ambassador because he viewed it as a great way for him to serve the community and meet a lot of people. “The Ambassador Program serves the Holland/Zeeland area by bringing the business community together through events, networking and seminars,” he said. “It is an easy way to connect with other businesses. I have grown a couple of businesses thanks to being an Ambassador.”

    Like our other award winners, the relationships formed through the Ambassador Program are what Kevin values most. He, in turn, has enjoyed giving back through his work in the program. “I would like to feel that I have helped other Chamber members by answering their questions, guiding them in an appropriate direction for them and their business, by being someone who can make them feel welcome,” he said.

    That welcoming spirit didn’t go unnoticed. “Winning this award was an honor. I am so grateful that my fellow Ambassadors recognized me in the way that they did,” he said. “It makes me feel very valued and special. The best part is that I wasn’t trying to win an award, I was just being who I am.”