• Leadership Legacy: Class of 2018

    Holland Civic Theatre Project Resource Page



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  • Let's make this a meaningful project for Holland Civic Theatre and for the community. The board at HCT are grateful for our attention, exited to work with us, and have been very candid about how we can best help them. They are a self-sustaining organization, but their building and its needs often soak up the proceeds from their own ticket sales and fundraising activities, and keep them from updating programs, and making other improvements that they know are needed. We can help them get over the hump and get "breathing room," and can also help spread awareness of the opportunities they offer to our community.


    This page is your resource for materials to help further the process of bringing our class project to life. Here you will find:


    LINK to Sign up to be an ambassador for our project, and reach out into the community to solicit assets that will help us extend the possibilities of our project.

    Talking points about the project.

    Project cost estimates.

    Project timeline plan.

    Contact information for representatives Holland Civic Theatre.

    Assistance Update: Current needs outside the scope of the project.

    Video assets (in progress).

    Print assets (in progress).