• Member Success Stories

  • Membership in the West Coast Chamber can benefit you and your business in many ways! Hear what our current members have to say.


  • Laura Gentry: Tripelroot Laura Gentry: Tripelroot

  • Manny & Leo Barajas - Coldwell Banker Woodland Schmidt Manny & Leo Barajas - Coldwell Banker Woodland Schmidt

  • Marissa Berghorst: EcoBuns Baby + Co Marissa Berghorst: EcoBuns Baby + Co

  • Helen Zeerip: Teddy's Transport Helen Zeerip: Teddy's Transport

    Teddy’s Transport has been a member of the chamber since 1992.  I have gotten so much out of their programs, from networking to their Michigan West Coast Leadership program, which I highly recommend for everyone to take!  You just need to join and get involved, it will help you possibly attain more business, get some marketing and learn something in the process.  I would recommend the chamber to anyone who wants to succeed!


  • Ruben Juarez, WORKFORCE Ruben Juarez, WORKFORCE

    WORKFORCE has been a proud member of the West Coast Chamber for many years; they have been a vital part of our business success.  The Chamber has given us many different avenues to meet new people and make valuable business connections. The contracts that we have acquired from these connections have been instrumental to our growth, development and profit. I’ve been proud to serve on the Chamber Board of Directors. I’ve made lifelong friends and business contacts that have been absolutely critical to our success.

  • Doug Vos: Don's Flowers Doug Vos: Don's Flowers

    As a long term Chamber member I really appreciate the networking opportunities, and the opportunities to learn from superb speakers.  The new West Coast Cash program is wonderful, and we are excited to be in on the ground floor, and to help the Chamber  grow this program.

    The Chamber is the voice of the business community not only in Washington, but in Lansing, and locally here in West Michigan.  As a small business we need that voice, because we do not have the resources to accomplish that on our own.

  • Mark DeWitt: Hope College Mark DeWitt: Hope College

    Hope College is pleased to be a sustaining member of the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce.  Together, we add economic vitality to our region through active participation in appealing presentations, workshops, and multi-sector collaborations.  The West Coast Chamber creates a thriving community for residents and Hope students by fostering inspired leadership, financial strength, and diverse engagement offerings.


  • Willie Watt: Escape Ministries Willie Watt: Escape Ministries

    Joining the Chamber gives me the opportunity to be involved and reflect my business and values in Holland. In 2016 I received the Minority Business Champion Award, which was a direct reflection of my mission for unification within the community. I am thankful for the work that the West Coast Chamber continues to do to shine light on minorities. Escape Ministries’ mission is to provide troubled youth with positive opportunities to be involved with, and I appreciate the Chamber’s initiative and willingness to support our work.