• DPMC Presents Purposeful Leaders 2-day Workshop

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    August 30, 2019

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    In this workshop you will:

    Discover your purpose and understand how it aligns to your work.

    Increase your awareness of your unique contribution and talents.

    Establish a purpose-driven perspective that enables you to better align your business
    decisions to your company’s core values & beliefs.

    Heighten your engagement and ability to increase your interpersonal relationships with
    co-workers and colleagues.

    Gain clarity of how to LIVE your personal why and put it into ACTION in your daily life.

    Why it works:

    We offer a setting that allows you to form a deeper understanding of yourself as you
    learn with others.

    We help you understand your purpose and how it contributes to the greater cause, so you
    can perform at your best.

    We establish your personal ‘mantra’ that ensures a connection of your unique purpose to
    the purpose of your organization.

    We provide you with a ‘personal missions plan’ that you can put into action immediately
    and acts as your accountability reference.

    The Purposeful Leaders Workshop has been provided to thousands of people across the
    world for over 10 years. Most notably, the outcomes we have seen in participants are
    higher levels of motivation and unity toward the purpose of their organizations as well
    as a sense of understanding and fulfilment in their specific work roles.

    DURATION: 2 Full days

    FOOD: Light breakfast and lunch provided

    FACILITATORS:Mary Hunt – Organizational psychology expert with corporate and
    academic experience. Mary’s background includes time in the banking and healthcare
    sectors. Formerly the President of Lexington College.

    Diana Terpstra – Process improvement expert focused on the organization’s most valuable
    asset – people. Diana’s background includes 17 years at Herman Miller including the
    final 5 years implementing Toyota’s Performance Management System

    Diana Terpstra
    (616) 283-7904

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