• A Hobby and a Passion for Lohr Marketing's Tabitha Lohr

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    September 12, 2019

    Holland, Michigan - Women Rally CoDrivers are few and far between in the United States, and even less in West Michigan. Local Holland, Michigan entrepreneur & West Coast Chamber Ambassador, Tabitha Lohr has quite a different hobby and set of skills than you would expect to see from a 28 year old digital marketing consultant.


    “Rally racing is an endurance sport that requires a driver and a co-driver. The co-driver navigates the race car for 1 to 3 days, down closed public dirt roads, and across hundreds of miles. I was 20 when I competed for the first time in a Subaru in the Rally America series. I then moved on to CoDrive a ‘91 Acura NSX in the 12.42 mile long Pikes Peak International HillClimb in 2012, placing 2nd in Unlimited Class. In 2014 I partnered up with another female to race the Rally America National Championship, where we brought home 3rd in BSpec Class.”

    Earlier this month, Lohr joined skilled Rally Driver, Mike Hurst (MN) to compete in the American Rally Association Summer Sno*Drift in Atlanta, Michigan. The car was a 1974 Ford Capri with a long list of aftermarket performance upgrades. The race was approximately 6 hours long and 125 miles through mixed road conditions of sand, mud and rain. The team was running in the top 2 positions for half of the race until a exhaust header failure caused a delay. After 35 minutes of disassembly & welding, the team brought home 4th in class and 7th overall, out of 21 entries.


    “I started my digital consulting company, Lohr Marketing in 2011 to be a steady source of ‘work from home’ income so I could compete as a Navigator. I had taught myself to build websites back in middle school, so when social media marketing appeared I approached local businesses to see how I could help. Fast forward to today, ‘Lohr Marketing’ is my own title sponsor and I’m able to have my career with my passion for racing still possible.”


    “My years of experience with racing partnerships & promotions has taught me invaluable hands on knowledge of the industry. While attending the PRI trade show in Indianapolis fall of 2018, I noticed a large need for better fitting & stylish racing gear from women. I approached Sabelt America about working together for the 2019 season, to work as their Brand Ambassador & help them ‘fine tune’ their womens gear line. The fit & quality of my Sabelt suit is seriously unbelievable.“ “Being a West Coast Chamber member has opened so many doors for me as a women - To continue to grow and learn, and make the connections I need to be able to keep doing what I love.”

    Tabitha Lohr, Owner
    (231) 631-0129

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