• Nolan Kamer

    It's All About You

    Nolan Kamer joined the Chamber in 2010 but really ramped up his involvement in 2015. It’s safe to say the Ambassador Leadership Team Chair, Chamber Gold Sponsor and Zeeland Affinity Group (ZAG) board member is firing on all cylinders. “When I became an Ambassador, I really got to know the Chamber,” Nolan said. “I jumped right into the role and went to every event I could fit into my schedule.” In fact, that level of involvement is a big part of why Nolan pursued the Ambassador role. “I knew that Ambassadors were involved in all the events,” he said. “They’re looked upon as leaders within the Chamber and opportunities that Ambassadors have, elevates the impact that the Chamber has on a small business.”

    Nolan pointed out that businesses aiming to make a difference in the area are part of the Chamber, and he has valued the fact that event networking has led to friendships first, business relationships second. “I’ve experienced the depth in the community that my office impacts, and this wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t become an Ambassador,” he said.

    When asked how being an Ambassador has helped other Chamber members, Nolan cited his passion for the Chamber and its programs. “I feel my enthusiasm toward the Chamber and the Ambassador program permeates the people that I’m in contact with,” he said.

    The fact that his fellow Ambassadors voted for him to receive the It’s all About You awards makes it that much sweeter for Nolan. “I’ve never won an award where your friends, colleagues and peers vote,” he said. “It’s an honor to be recognized.”