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Taking the United Way’s 21-Day Equity Challenge

This 21-day Equity Challenge invites you to learn about the history and impact of racism in Ottawa County.

It used to be widely asserted that doing something for 21 days in a row was how good habits are created. While that theory has been debunked, you can still argue that doing something for 21 days in a row teaches you a lot about a topic and a lot about yourself. United Way's 21-day Equity Challenge invites people to take a journey of discovery about racism and about their own beliefs.

United Way Equity Challenge

Just like forming a habit, awareness of how racism affects people in our community requires ongoing intentional mindfulness. This Greater Ottawa County United Way (GOCUW) challenge is a starting point.

The Challenge begins on August 28th and runs through September 17th. 

The 21-day Challenge

"The United Way ALICE Report, and the recent release of the United Way ALICE and Black Households Data clearly illustrates the inequities that are deeply rooted in our national, state, and local systems and institutions. Over the 21-day Challenge, you will take a self-guided learning journey that examines the history and impacts of racism and how it shapes people’s lived experience in Ottawa County.

The Challenge is simple: you (along with your friends, family, and neighbors in Ottawa County) commit to deepening your understanding of, and willingness to confront racism for twenty-one consecutive days. The Challenge will raise your awareness, change your understanding, and shift the way you behave."

Countdown to the Challenge


Ready to find out more?

Get complete details and register at GOCUW.

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