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ACCE Events Conference

October 2019

People often measure the value of their chamber membership with the programs and events it offers. Now we've got to live up to those expectations! In October 2019, our program manager, Colleen Schipsi, and our Vice President, Jodi Owczarski, presented at the ACCE Events conference to share their tools for successful events. 

Struggling to keep track of all that needs to be done or who's doing what? We've got a tool for that. With some simple organization and basic data tracking, we've eliminated tired events and made our successful events even stronger.

ACCE Webinar

May 2019

Let's face it - events are a major part of the chamber. They not only attract new members, but also aid in retention by providing current members with remarkable experiences. How does one keep events fresh, relevant, and consistently valuable? By thinking big, gauging member feedback, and keeping detailed records. We collect and analyze extensive data and have developed a unique and in-depth process for planning and executing our events. To learn more, click here.

ACCE Feature Article

Spring 2019

Our Program Manager, Colleen Schipsi, was featured in the ACCE Chamber Executive Spring 2019 Edition regarding some of the changes we've made in order to create a better over-all experience for our members.

Realizing how important it is for our events to remain fresh and exciting, our monthly breakfast was completely re-worked in an effort to maintain our members' interest. We often say, "you ask, and we'll deliver," and that's exactly what we strive to do for our members. With a complete name change and re-branding, our monthly breakfast event got the face lift it needed. Interested in learning more about our event revamping, data analysis, or in-depth event planning process? Click here to read the full article (pages 9-10).

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