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Sales Meets Marketing

Embracing Digital Transformation

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As featured in our ACCE Presentation.

Sales and Marketing are more closely related than most realize. For years, our sales and marketing departments had been working independently of each other, like two separate "silos." Strategic planning helped us to identify that ultimately these two areas had the same end goal - member growth, customer experience, and retention, and that we were missing opportunities by operating separately. 

In response, the West Coast Chamber embarked on a journey to create prospecting and new member plans that are remarkable, replicable, and scalable. After benchmarking best practices and challenges to first year renewals, we developed a robust new system with a majority of it being automated. Moving from cold calls and paper folders to referrals and an automated New Member Journey has been a major shift in our approach to membership and marketing, and has elevated our overall member experience. Learn more about how coordinating efforts delivers a much greater impact on our members than ever before.

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