West Coast Leadership Program


  • Since 1988, the Chamber of Commerce has taken an active role in growing the next generation of business and community leaders. Participating in this program requires commitment, and it is important that participants have the cooperation of their employers. In addition to a two-day September retreat, West Coast Leadership meets for a full day each month on the second Wednesday from October to May.

    Tuition for the nine-month program, including overnight retreat costs: $2,500 for Chamber members, and $3,500 for non-Chamber members. To assure the diversity of the program, scholarships are available. 


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  • Simulated Society Day for West Coast Leadership


    SIMSOC is a highly participative simulation reflecting the challenges of society. Participants create their own community complete with political parties, industries, and economic classes.  The simulation requires a minimum of 15 participants and a maximum of 60. This program is a complex simulation requiring use of forms and subtle communication interplay between participants. 

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    Simulated Society (SIMSOC) Participant Feedback

    • I wasn't sure what to expect heading into yesterday. I was, admittedly, a little skeptical about it. However, the day was important and impactful. It exceeded expectations and taught very important lessons. I do think that a simulated society exercise teaches lessons that can't be taught through lecture or conversation. In a simulation, you all experience something together, at the same time, and then you can reflect on it together immediately after it happens. That is really valuable.  I took so many lessons from the day that it would not make sense to list them all here, but I will share one. Our group started with nothing and we survived only through the generosity of others. But as we moved forward, we felt we had things to share that would be helpful to others in society - even those that we owed our very survival to. As a result of this exercise, I'll remember that it is not only important to help those in need, but to listen to them. They have ideas, perspectives, experiences, and skills that could benefit me and others in the community.
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    • There were so many different takeaways during the debrief time. It is so applicable to what we experience in everyday life. I am able to better understand society's behavior based on this simulation. The other thing that impacted (surprised) me was how emotional and personal some group members went through this simulation expressing and feeling.
    • --- SIMSOC 2020 Leadership Class Participants



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  • Required Dates for the 2020-2021 Class Required Dates for the 2020-2021 Class

    Applications Due:
    by May 29, 2020
    June 30, 2020
    August 26, 2020
    September 10-11, 2020
    Program Days:
    October 14, 2020
    November 11, 2020
    December 9, 2020
    January 13, 2021
    February 10, 2021
    March 10, 2021
    April 14, 2021
    May 12, 2021