Society often associates leaders with individuals that have grandiose titles, a large corner office, and make world-changing decisions. Thus, many people shy away from identifying themselves as a leader. But leadership is really the ability to inspire others. It’s about behaving in a way that makes the life of another person better than before you arrived. Leadership often lives in the small moments throughout the day, in those times when you make a positive difference in someone's life, whether you realize it or not. 

    Whether done consciously or subconsciously, we all have the ability to inspire. Drew Dudley’s Everyday Leadership TEDx Toronto 2010 talk sums up those subconscious leaders in an inspiring and engaging way. He calls it a Lollipop Moment which he illustrates by sharing a story from college where he inadvertently introduced two students in line at freshman orientation using a lollipop. They later married after college. About four years after this initial event he learned that he was the catalyst for their first encounter. He profoundly changed a young student's trajectory in a single moment, yet he has no memory of it. How often has someone changed your life for the better and has no idea? Conversely, have you been a subconscious lollipop leader in someone else's life?

    ‚ÄčThe following TEDx reminds us all that we are leaders in our own right, and it makes a difference in everyday life. It encourages us to recognize our own Lollipop Moments. The 2019 West Coast Leadership Class invited their Lollipop People to graduation to thank them for making an impact in their lives.


  • "Leading with Lollipops" - Drew Dudley - TEDx Toronto "Leading with Lollipops" - Drew Dudley - TEDx Toronto


    West Coast Leadership Program

  • Since 1988, the Chamber of Commerce has taken an active role in growing the next generation of business and community leaders. Participating in this program requires commitment, and it is important that participants have the cooperation of their employers. In addition to a two-day September retreat, West Coast Leadership meets for a full day each month on the second Wednesday from October to May.

    Tuition for the nine-month program, including overnight retreat costs: $2,000 for Chamber members, and $2,700 for non-Chamber members. To assure the diversity of the program, scholarships are available.