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Hospitality with the Mostest

Caroline MonahanPeople are still talking about their experiences at our Annual Meeting, "Inspire the Fire,". It's a testament to the way we listen to feedback to craft an event that will resonate with our members and with our entire community. Celebrating businesses together in the newly remodeled Civic Center was certainly a special moment, and the moment was made even sweeter with the assistance of the event partners that brought it to life. Here's Part 2 of my shout out to the teams and individuals that made a big difference in helping make our event a success. No. 2: Hospitality with the Mostest You couldn’t ask for a better example of the Chamber’s core value of Deliver Remarkable Experiences than that set by the pros at Gilmore Catering. Those in the hospitality industry know the challenge of serving over 550 guests, and Gilmore made it look easy, despite some last minute obstacles. Shortly before the event, we were informed that the full-service catering kitchen at the Civic Center would not be ready in time. The team at Gilmore took that challenge in stride, preparing the hot food off site and still managing to keep it warm and tasty when it landed on the tables. On top of that, they served 550 people in 12 minutes, which is next to impossible to do.

Gilmore Catering

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