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Small Business Resources

The West Coast Chamber Champions Small Businesses in Our Community

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Over 95% of West Coast Chamber members are small businesses! We are experienced in understanding and providing the resources and support most critical to small business development and growth.

Small Business Resources

Business Counseling:

Small Business Development Center (SBDC- Michigan)


Entrepreneurial Operating System ®:

Connect with an EOS Implementer

Are you an Integrator looking to connect with other Integrators?

If so, contact Colleen Schipsi!


Marketing and Promotion:

Member News

Member Directory

West Coast Cash Program



Connect with Ambassador Team

Program Calendar


Problem Solving:

Advocacy in Action

Saving Money:

Member Discount Programs


Small Business Financing:

Great Lakes Commercial Finance

Michigan Certified Development Corporation


Small Business Updates:

U.S. Chamber - CO


Talent Recruitment:

Job Board


Training Programs:

Program Calendar

HR/Benefits Training

*Provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

How Can The Chamber Help Your Business?

Click below to schedule a meeting with a Chamber team member. We're here to help you find the right resources for your business.

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