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Sponsorship. What’s in it for all of us?

West Coast Leadership logoThis week the West Coast Chamber announced the creation of a new premier sponsorship with Gentex Corporation, named the Community Champion Premier Partnership. Gentex has been a strong supporter of the Chamber for many years, but this new partnership represents a commitment above and beyond the company’s longtime Gold sponsorship. It’s an investment in our business community and the organization that unifies all the pieces to keep it strong and vibrant.

"At Gentex, we have a passion for our team, our work, and our community. That's why we're so proud to create a new and distinctive partnership with the Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce. We believe in our community, and are committed to making a tremendous, positive impact in it. We hope our commitment inspires others in the community to keep investing in this special place we call home," said Seth Bushouse, Senior Human Resources Director at Gentex.

Corporate sponsorship is not a new idea. In recent years, sponsorship has become the fastest growing type of marketing in the United States. But what is it that a corporation is seeking when entering into a sponsorship partnership? Is it brand visibility, corporate reputation, or access to key decision makers? Is it recognition? I have learned that it’s much more than that.

The obvious benefit of sponsorship is brand visibility. Sponsor benefits can include prominent display of the company’s logo on print materials, signage, and website, recognition on marketing materials, both print and digital, videos, and mentions on social media and in press releases. Sponsors receive preferred seating and, depending on the event, have the opportunity to address event attendees and meet presenters. There is expansive value attached to this visibility, as it gives wide exposure to the representatives of the 1,200+ Chamber member businesses, and the business community at large.

But what’s beyond the banners and the media mentions? There’s a benefit that leaves an even larger footprint with long lasting results.  A strong Chamber is a collective benefit for the entire business community. It unifies businesses large and small and serves as both a source of information and a platform for advocacy. The reason behind many of the West Coast Chamber’s Premier Partner Sponsors’ decisions to partner is focused more on stewardship of our business community. They choose to sponsor the Chamber because they believe the Chamber is a strong voice for the business community and provides the impetus for business and economic growth.

The blend of community business stewardship and marketing benefits makes Chamber sponsorship attractive for businesses of all sizes. Opportunities to be an annual Gold or Silver sponsor, to sponsor single events, event series or special programs provide access at level levels of financial investment. These are investments in growing not only one sponsor’s business, but in supporting a united voice for the companies that grow in the same garden.

As we continue to spread the message of the ways in which the Chamber impacts our business community, we’re seeing an increase in sponsors interested in looking for more unique ways to partner with the Chamber, and we’re excited to collaborate on creative ways to make a difference. These partnerships help us expand our programs and services for our members and provide even more support to the companies that contribute to our ecosystem. Simply put, corporate sponsorship benefits all of us.

For more information on sponsorships, contact Britt Delo at britt@westcoastchamber.orgof call 616.392.9719.

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