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Listen, Learn & Act on DEI, Part III

More than an event, "Listen, Learn & Act" is a DEI Call to Action

Listen, Learn and Act: A DEI Call to Action is a diversity, equity and inclusion conversation. The event features Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance (LEDA) Executive Director, Gloria Lara, and Holland Museum Executive Director, Ricki Levine.


Registration is still open for our July 16 event.

This virtual experience is an opportunity for attendees to listen as leaders explain the issues that exist in our community and learn how individuals and businesses can influence positive change. It's also an opportunity to develop your own action plan. Come learn ideas for making a difference in the area of diversity, equity and inclusion.

There are numerous voices and organizations working hard to create an equitable and inclusive community here. We look forward to opportunities to engage those leaders in many more conversations with our members.

Listen, Learn & Act Part III

Jane Clark, Michigan West Coast Chamber of Commerce

West Coast Chamber DEI Statement

As advocates for diversity, equity, and inclusion in our society and our economy, the West Coast Chamber stands in solidarity against racism.   


Our vision is to ensure that our community is a vibrant place to live, learn, work and play.  For our community to achieve its true potential, we believe every citizen must be included in our shared prosperity.  We challenge business and community leaders, ourselves and each person in our region to actively work towards a better understanding of one another and commit to actions which produce a more inclusive community and economy.   


We look forward to being in conversation and partnership with you as we move forward to listen, learn, and, most importantly, act toward the unity and equity we all desire.  Please join us. 

The Virtual Listen, Learn & Act DEI Event

We're just a few days away from our event on July 16. Join us to hear from Lakeshore ethnic Diversity Alliance Executive Director, Gloria Lara at and Holland Museum Executive Director, Ricki Levine at Listen, Learn & Act: A DEI Call to Action. Registrations are still open.


Both women will be featured in the August issue of Connect Magazine. You'll also learn more about the Holland Museum's presentation of the THEM exhibit, and its impact in different ares of the community.


The magazine will also tell stories from community and government leaders, organizations and businesses that are making DEI a top priority. We look forward to engaging these leaders in more conversations with our members and our community.

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