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Making the Decision to Run for Judge “When will you run for judge?” “Never. I love what I do, and plan to retire as an assistant prosecutor.” By Juanita Bocanegra, Judge, Ottawa County 58th District Court This conversation took place many times with different people, before I decided to consider the possibility of a different…

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Recruiting Strategies for 2021 Blog

Recruiting Strategies for 2021 By Jennifer Reeves, Market Manager, Gill Staffing Recruiting Strategies for 2021: It’s All About the Experience In the West Coast Chamber’s 2021 Economic Outlook, we heard some encouraging news that Ottawa County’s employment levels may return to pre-pandemic levels by the end of 2021. But that all depends on whether employers…

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The Power of Giving - Women of Color Give

The Power of Giving By Rebekah Bakker, Business Development Manager, Custer Inc. Women of Color Give: Amplifying the Power of Individual Giving Rebekah Bakker believes in the transformative power of investing in the community. She has served at various nonprofits as an employee and now in her role at Custer, Inc. she spends time volunteering…

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What Makes a Leader Remarkable - Purpose

Remarkable Leadership with Dr. Randy Ross Becoming a Remarkable Leader REGISTER HERE The Ripple Effect of Remarkable Leadership: May 14, 2021 Meet Leadership Live Speaker: Dr. Randy Ross Dr. Randy Ross is a bestselling author of Remarkable!, Relationomics: Business Powered by Relationships, and Hope Rises: Make your Life, Love and Leadership Soar. Randy is the CEO…

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