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Member Question of the Day: Workplace Safety

Today’s Member Question of the Day features Sean Egan, Deputy Director of Labor with the Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Opportunity, who shares updates around Covid-19 Workplace Safety and what the General Duty Clause requires for non-healthcare employers.

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Making the Decision to Run for Judge “When will you run for judge?” “Never. I love what I do, and plan to retire as an assistant prosecutor.” By Juanita Bocanegra, Judge, Ottawa County 58th District Court This conversation took place many times with different people, before I decided to consider the possibility of a different…

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What Makes a Leader Remarkable - Purpose

Remarkable Leadership with Dr. Randy Ross Becoming a Remarkable Leader REGISTER HERE The Ripple Effect of Remarkable Leadership: May 14, 2021 Meet Leadership Live Speaker: Dr. Randy Ross Dr. Randy Ross is a bestselling author of Remarkable!, Relationomics: Business Powered by Relationships, and Hope Rises: Make your Life, Love and Leadership Soar. Randy is the CEO…

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